UNESCO Iraq Office and MoI launched a media strategy for the safety of journalists

UNESCO and MoI, launched the package of the safety of journalists strategy to enhance relations amongst journalists and police officers.

With the generous support from the government of Netherlands, UNESCO succeeded in developing and printing out two books: “The Philosophy of the Relationship between the Police Officers and the Journalists”, and “How to Protect Yourself from Blackmail”, the first book contained instructions on how police officers should safely deal with journalists. The second book is about digital security for journalists and internet users based on police experiences out of thousand cases of cybercrime.

UNESCO in collaboration with the MoI developed the media and communication strategy of the MoI related issues regarding the safety of journalists and officially launched this strategy packaged publications to be disseminated to police officers and the MoI directorates.

The first book offers essential tips and practical instructions for security forces on how to deal with journalists and what is FoE, as constitutional rights in the country. The second book is about online threats for journalists and daily users, highlighting the guidelines on the techniques of safety from such threats.

The two books for journalists contained a wide range of essential information to enhance the safety of journalists and is useful for all those who work in news and information, mainly reporting from hostile environments, such as conflict zones, violent demonstrations, riots and terrorist attacks.

This edition resulted from long discussions between the police and journalists with support from UNESCO-CI staff and consultants. Since then, it has been designed and now the ministry will widely distribute it to be the main document of dealing with journalists in a safe manner.

UNESCO continues its work within the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity. Aimed at creating a free and safe environment for journalist and media workers, the UN Plan of Action was adopted in April 2012 and confirmed by the UN General Assembly in November 2013.