UNESCO, Japan and the EU strengthen links between public and private sectors in Mosul

UNESCO works to strengthen links between the public and private sectors under the “Job creation for youth in Mosul” project funded by the Japanese Government and within the “Reviving Mosul and Basra Old Cities” project, funded by European Union. They are both part of the Initiative to Revive the Spirit of Mosul.

UNESCO aims at facilitating Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) mechanisms between local authorities and the private sector for improvement of small-scale infrastructures and services in the old city and the management of rehabilitated sites, to facilitate the establishment of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mechanism/platform.

Two days of workshops were conducted at the Vocational Training Centre in Mosul with the participation of more than 40 Companies/Employers from the construction sector in Mosul. These workshops helped provide a clear understanding of the areas of cooperation between the two sectors.

UNESCO Project Officer, Bilal Al Hamaydah, emphasized that UNESCO is supporting the Vocational Training Centre in Mosul to develop and implement a business linkage programme between the Centre and the employers in the construction sector in Mosul. The programme will create links to the Public and Private Partnership guide for TVET that was developed under the TVET Reform and the rapid assessment of the local construction sector for Ninawa.

A five-year cooperation and partnership agreement was signed between the Centre and 36 companies/employers.