UNESCO Launched Project to Support Ethiopian Film Industry

The UNESCO Liaison Office in Addis Ababa in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ethiopia (MoCT) organized a virtual meeting on 29th April 2021 to launch a project on “Strengthening Ethiopia’s film industry through sound institutional and structural frameworks”. With financial support from the European Union (EU), the project provided international and national expert facilities for designing a structural and institutional framework which would enable the country to start the implementation of its film policy.

Dr. Yumiko Yokozeki Director of UNESCO Addis Ababa Liaison Office to AUC and ECA and Representative to Ethiopia, on her opening remarks, expressed that the project will enable the Ethiopian film industry to play a monumental role in promoting the cultural diversity of the country. In consultation with MoCT, UNESCO identified, from its global pool of expertise, an international consultant Ms Yoonhyung Jeon, to guide and support the national experts and the Task Force, established for this purpose.

A message delivered on behalf of Dr. Hirut Kassaw, Minister of Culture and Tourism Ethiopia (MoCT), noted that the implementation of the film policy project is timely and important. The Ethiopian film policy was endorsed by the Council of Ministers in 2017, by considering the importance of the film industry for the socio-economic development, job creation and promotion of the Ethiopian culture globally.

Mr. Tadious Odissu, the National Expert, made a presentation to the participants about the project objectives and expected outcomes. Under the coordination of MoCT, a working ‘Task Force’ having twelve members has been established from the relevant government ministries, professional associations and private film professionals for the effective execution of the project.