UNESCO launches Indonesian version of Freedom of Expression and Public Order Manual

UNESCO Office in Jakarta has launched the Indonesian version of the manual on Freedom of Expression and Public Order, titled “Kebebasan Berekspresi dan Ketertiban Umum”.

The manual aims to provide Indonesian members of law enforcement and security forces with the tools to allow them to maintain public order in accordance with international human rights principles especially the freedom of expression including in the interaction with Indonesian journalists while ensuring everyone’s security.

The manual is a translation of “Freedom of Expression and Public Order – Training Manual” published by in 2015 by the UNESCO project Office in Tunis. Covering seven sections, “Kebebasan Berekspresi dan Ketertiban Umum” is equipped with specific sections aimed for the security forces, sections which deals with joint exercise between security forces and journalists, as well as providing on-hand examples when facing complex security situation including reporting during demonstration.

The translation into local language will help make the material more accessible to the local law enforcement and security forces. By using the manual, it is expected that both the security forces and journalists can build a better understanding & communications and reduce conflict between the two groups and in the long run improves access to information for the public and ultimately strengthen freedom of expression and safety of journalists.

UNESCO is the United Nations agency with the specialized mandate to promote freedom of expression and safety of journalists. It is the global facilitator for the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity. The manual is freely available for download on the website.