UNESCO MGIEP introduces immersive & experiential course on Pandemics

New Delhi:  The lockdown to curb coronavirus outbreak is keeping people busy, with many students opting to continue their education online. Looking at the current trend, UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) has recently introduced an immersive & experiential course on Pandemics on their GDPR compliant learning platform, FramerSpace for anyone above 13 years of age.

Using videos, games, podcasts, discussions and stories, this course provides essential knowledge on pandemics while busting common myths and providing activities that build social and emotional skills, towards developing peaceful and sustainable societies. The course is available free of cost which comprise of four interesting modules.

Details on the modules with relevant links are enclosed below for learners:

  • Module 1 – All About Pandemics: The first module introduces learners to the topic of Pandemics and focuses on the various concepts and issues related to the subject. Learners will undertake an invigorating journey to the world of epidemics and pandemics, their history, causes and the response of the global community to the COVID-19 crisis. https://mgiep.unesco.org/article/all-about-pandemics
  • Module 2 – Tracking misinformation, rumors and fake news – In an age when we have easy access to information, it is hard to say what information we consume is true and what is not. Especially at times of a global health crisis, a plethora of biased and irrational information may get shared with the general public, causing confusion, panic and unnecessary stress. This module provides learners with an overview of how certain facts are misrepresented in popular media, as well as touches upon some common myths around the COVID-19, and defines how such myths may be identified or tackled. https://mgiep.unesco.org/article/module-2-tackling-misinformation-rumours-and-fake-news
  • Module 3 – We’re in this together – Module 3 focuses on the impact of a global health crisis on the most vulnerable people in our society, The module also touches upon how certain groups of people may become victims of misinformation, fake news, and bias. Further, the module highlights the importance of social and emotional learning skills such as collaboration, empathy, and compassion during times of a crisis. https://mgiep.unesco.org/article/module-3-we-re-in-this-together
  • Module 4 – What are my personal and social responsibilities: This module highlights our personal and social responsibilities during a crisis and identifies what we can do; from taking care of ‘self’ to social ‘care’. The module introduces learners to numerous actions that they can take, during a ‘lockdown’ or otherwise. https://mgiep.unesco.org/article/module-4-personal-and-social-responsibilities-during-covid-19