UNESCO observes Autism Awareness Month through e-summit

The UNESCO New Delhi Office, in collaboration with Kidskintha, a global parent and educators collective, is celebrating the International Autism Acceptance Month through Special Kids International Summit, a global virtual summit, with 31 special needs experts from across the globe. This is the first virtual summit in India exclusively dedicated to persons with disabilities that rallies experts such as researchers, educators, doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, counsellors as global advocates on the topic.

With atleast 15 per cent of the world population living with disabilities, UNESCO advocates the rights and needs of persons with disabilities and fosters the effective use of Information and communications technology (ICTs) that are accessible, adaptive and affordable. Through the summit, UNESCO and Kidskintha recognize two major roles of technology – firstly, easy access to information as well as dissemination of knowledge and secondly, making significant improvements in the lives of persons with disabilities and the caregivers allowing them to enhance their social, cultural, political and economic integration in communities.

UNESCO New Delhi is delighted to partner with Kidskintha for the Special Kids International Summit. It brings me great pleasure to share that in spite of the growing challenges in today’s times, we have ALL broken barriers and made this international summit happen virtually for the benefit of all our children. I am excited and look forward to hearing the esteemed guest speakers, all renowned experts, and hope we can keep the spirits high and contribute our best while dealing with a global crisis
Mame Omar Diop, Chief of Education Sector

The collaboration reiterates the Sustainable Development Goal 4.7 which advocates for inclusion of all learners to acquire knowledge and skills for sustainable development and lifestyles.

The Summit has received a special endorsement from the National Institute for Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) in India emphasizing the need for more such conferences in the country as it is the need of the hour.

The Special Kids International Summit is carefully designed, curated and hosted by Kidskintha in partnership with MindRocket Media Group, a United States Education Advisory company, to present 9 tracks between April 7-11 2020. The Summit covers broadly two areas for special needs care – Healthcare and Education. The areas identify various symptoms of Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), early intervention, inclusion in the classroom, adapting to sensory needs, classroom screening for Dyslexia, using adaptive technology for learning success and advocacy for special needs rights as parents/educators.