UNESCO presents ‘Transforming MEN-talities’ Report

As part of a virtual event, UNESCO New Delhi launched today a groundbreaking report focusing on gender equality and masculinities in India, entitled ‘Transforming MEN-talities’.

The study sets out a vision and actions to tackle the persistent gender-based inequalities that women and girls face throughout their lives. Additionally, it aims to demystify gendered social roles and their origins.

As one of UN’s first responders in this sphere, UNESCO is working to further gender equality and women’s empowerment. UNESCO’s overall mandate is to combat all versions of gender inequality by tackling women’s disempowerment at its roots and reshaping social norms that perpetuate gender-based discrimination.

The report launched today advocates for change not only at the community level, but also at the individual level through legislation, education and advocacy. It affirms that inequality exists foremost in our minds, in our biases and prejudices. Therefore, a social revolution must be achieved in tandem with a revolution of the mind.

At the event, Bollywood Actress Sanjana Sanghi also extended a call for action to everyone, encouraging people from all genders to come together to win the battle against gender inequality.