UNESCO supports Fundación Ambiente y Medio in its mission to promote environmental journalism training

From Argentina, Fundación Ambiente y Medio will launch the first collaborative digital platform for environmental journalists with the support of UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

The platform seeks to consolidate itself as a space for meeting, learning and integration of journalists and communicators with experts linked to journalism and the issue of climate change.

Its main objective is to strengthen environmental journalism and help improve the quality of information and content associated with the environmental problems facing the subregion due to the climate crisis. To this end, the educational platform will offer interactive functions, training in tools such as open-source intelligence, information verification (fact-checking) and online courses to contribute to investigative and collaborative journalism.

It also seeks to promote independent, pluralistic media and responsible and rigorous journalism, which promotes critical thinking in society, which is key to the request for public policies that contribute to mitigate the current situation.

The themes designated for collaborative work on the platform will be aligned with the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development promoted by the UN. Themes such as “Gender and Environment” and “Climate Crisis and Health” will be some of the topics proposed for the generation of joint research work.

During the global blockade in progress by COVID-19, and the change of paradigms that the pandemic is causing, the need to develop digital platforms is evident, as they are indispensable spaces for continuous interaction among journalists. Adopting new forms of learning and collaborative work also offers us a great opportunity to recreate those forms.