UNESCO to host AI and Robotics Boot Camp at the Africa Engineering Week

The 7th Edition of the UNESCO Africa Engineering Week and the 5th Africa Engineering Conference kicked off in Ghana on the 4th of October 2021. The event is being organised by the Ghana Institution of Engineering in collaboration with the Federation of African Engineering Organizations, WFEO and UNESCO, and it is running under the theme: “Engineering, Inter-African Trade and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

The event provides a platform for academics, engineering practitioners, industry players and students to meet and connect, share ideas and experiences to build knowledge and upskill, in line with this year’s theme.

UNESCO will host a session on capacity building for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Technologies, specifically looking at Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The session will kick-off on the 8th of October 2021. The objective of the Boot camp is to expose the selected teacher trainers and students, to the 4IR technologies, and how they can use them within their education curriculum as well as applying the technologies for various business or social ventures. The Boot camp will provide a hands-on, practical approach to the technologies, delivered by UNESCO experts.

The expected outcome of the Boot Camp, is an enhanced awareness of the technologies and tools available for teacher and students alike, which can be fully utilised to accelerate the achievement of the SDGS within their respective communities.