UNESCO, with the generous support of the European Union, has started work in the Old City of Mosul

New Delhi: In close coordination with Iraqi authorities ,UNESCO has concluded the first phase of activities by clearing the rubble and UXOs from the 43 heritage houses and Al-Ekhlas School in the Old City of Mosul as well as preparing the sites for reconstruction.

This initiative is made possible with the generous support of the European Union and coordinated work with the Government of Iraq, local partners and international experts. It is being undertaken as a major part of UNESCO’s Initiative to Revive the Spirit of Mosul. This initiative includes three main strategic areas: education, cultural life, and heritage.

The purpose of the project is to promote livelihood opportunities for youth in Iraq and in particular among the communities of the Old City of Mosul and to contribute to the restoration of the historic urban landscape while contributing to social cohesion and inter-community reconciliation.

Project page: https://en.unesco.org/fieldoffice/baghdad/mosulbasra


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