Unicus Olympiads sets a new trend; launches free of cost Non-routine Mathematics Olympiad for students

New Delhi: Unicus Olympiads, first Online Summer Olympiad Exam, has recently unveiled Non-routine Mathematics Olympiad (UNRMO)for the students of classes 3 to 10. This new Olympiad has been designed to test the students’ fundamentals and make them accustomed with non-routine questions in the mathematics examination. The Level 1of the Olympiad is absolutely free of cost for all and has gained quite a momentum in students since its launch.

Non-Routine mathematics examination enables students to expand their thinking ability, creativity, logical reasoning, analytical skills among others. Solving non-routine mathematics questions require students to figure out the concept to be used in a given problem and requires them to attempt the question as per the understanding of the concept. There’s no standard way to solve such questions. Students, when they consistently grapple with these challenging problems, they acquire essential problem-solving skills and the confidence to tackle the questions asked.

“Mathematics is everywhere, from calculating distance, time, and cost for your planned travel journey to concepts of geometry and trigonometry involved in recreational sports. It is present around; just you need to have the vision to observe and feel mathematical concepts. Then these questions would certainly pop-up in your mind that ‘Why is it necessary to have when we already have routine mathematics in place? Or why have we introduced the concept of Non-Routine Mathematics?’ Understanding the concepts and learning to apply these is the proven tactic to excel in Mathematics lifelong. The best method to get a stronghold over the fundamentals is through solving non-routine Mathematics problems. Solving such problems helps students improve thinking ability skills, analytical skills, logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and more,” said Nitin Godawat, Managing Director, Olympiad Success.

Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad is a 2-Level Olympiad Exam and the exams happen in winters. The difficulty level of Level 1 and Level 2 exams are at par with some of the most renowned Mathematics Olympiads conducted nationally and internationally. The questions in this exam are of non-conventional type. The exams are of MCQ nature and are of 60 minutes each. Each level has 20 questions each – 10 Classic Section (3 marks each) and 10 Scholar Section (6 marks each) questions.

The classic section questions relate to Non-Routine Mathematics, and the scholar section has questions on HOTS (High Order Thinking Questions). There is a negative marking for every incorrect answer, and 1/3rd mark is deducted. The dates of all the Unicus Olympiads exams are fixed. You can check the complete exam schedule here: https://www.unicusolympiads.com/exam-dates

“Non-routine mathematics is a lot more than learning procedures and algorithms” said Amar Harolikar(All India 15th in CA Inter) who feels privileged to be associated as an advisor for Unicus. He is an accomplished AI & Analytics practitioner and a leader, with over two decades in the field. Amar has a deep interest in the education field, especially at the confluence of education, AI and technology. He believes that Unicus Olympiads has path breaking ideas in the Olympiad examination field.



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