Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh receiving a proposal based on a research study on COVID, done by “Brahmarishi Doodhadhari Burfani International Medical and Research Institute” Haridwar

New Delhi: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said here today that COVID has shifted the focus to integrated health management.

Dr Jitendra Singh was interacting with a delegation from a “Brahmarishi Doodhadhari Burfani International Medical and Research Institute” Haridwar, who had come to present a proposal based on a new Homeopathy research study on COVID. As per the proposal, homeopathy remedy developed by the institute could have beneficial effects against Corona virus.

After giving a patient hearing to the delegation, Dr Jitendra Singh referred them to the Ministry of AYUSH for evaluation and verification of the claims made by the research study.

Varied experiences and research studies from across the world, said Dr Jitendra Singh, point to the fact that for the cure and prevention of COVID, the immune system and natural resistance of the human body play a major role. Therefore, he said, immunity building techniques drawn from all streams whether it is Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Unani, Yoga or Naturopathy have gained popularity ever since the world came in the grip of COVID pandemic.

Dr Jitendra Singh said, COVID has also reiterated the belief that healthy integration and synergism of different streams of medical management are the key to successful management of various diseases and disorders which may not be otherwise completely amenable to treatment by any single stream of medicine.

Dr Jitendra Singh recalled that ever since Narendra Modi took over as Prime Minister, he has brought to the central stage the virtues of the indigenous systems of medical management. He said, it was he, who brought a unanimous resolution passed in the UNO to observe International Day of Yoga every year and virtually placed Yoga at the doorstep of every household across the world. It again goes to the credit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for considering the importance of indigenous and the alternative system of medical management and creating a separate Ministry of AYUSH, he said.


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