Union Minister Jayant Sinha launches Gurukul in Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh: PanIIT Alumni Reach for India Foundation (PARFI), announced the launch of”Kalyan Gurukul”, a multi-trade skill development center, in Hazaribagh to facilitate skilling and increase opportunities for employment for the economically backward youth. This new skill training centre is part of PARFI’s ongoing initiative to skill youth in Jharkhand and make them industry ready, thus creating employment.
The Gurukul will be run by “PReJHA Foundation” a joint initiative by Department of Welfare, Government of Jharkhand and PanIIT Alumni Reach for India Foundation (PARFI) which has been setup with an objective to enable skill development and entrepreneurship to under privileged sections and will aim to set up one Gurukul in each district of Jharkhand as its initial mandate. PReJHA is a non-profit joint enterprise to implement and scale sustainable welfare initiatives.
This initiative replicates the Gurukul model of learning for skill development across all the districts of the state and thus provide a network of sub-ITI institutions accessible to schools drop-outs, underprivileged and those who are from the lower strata of the socio economic background.
Inaugurating the centre Shri Jayant Sinha, Honourable Minister of State for Civil Aviation said, “It is important to provide the youth with the requisite skills that will make them employable.  This new Gurukul in Hazaribagh will help create skilled manpower and ensure sustainable employment, thus improving the socio economic status of our people.” He added “Skill India is a focus area of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and sustainable welfare initiatives are a focus area of the government”.
Shri. Hari Padmanabhan- Chairman, PanIIT Alumni Reach for India Foundation (PARFI),said, “This Gurukul is part of our ongoing initiative to create an opportunity to the tribals, the underprivileged and those below the poverty line to gain skill development that will make them employable and make Jharkhand proud of them.”
Students enrolled into the Gurukul have to pay a basic fee which is provided through a loan financing scheme with NABARD and its subsidiaries. Repayment of loan startsonly after the student gets a job placement, and is repaid through monthly instalments.
The Kalyan Gurukul located in the Sijhua, Ichak Mod, (Near Sijhua High School) of Hazaribagh, has the infrastructure for skill enhancement of 300 youngsters and starting with first batch of 54 students. The students, are mostly from underprivileged background who have had to drop out of school or have completed matriculation. The students will get skill in new trades like plumbing and electrical mechanics and after completion of training they will get opportunities for job placements in Middle Eastern Countries (Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait) and in alumni partner companies. The duration of training is 3 months.
PReJHA’s Gurukul is already present in Jharkhand across various locations including Gumla, Jamshedpur, Bundu, East &West Singhbum, Simdega, Koderma, Saraikela, Dumka, and Palamu successfully training over 8000 youth and getting them placed in various sectors including construction and manufacturing industries, among others.
According to National Skill Development Corporation Report, the current demographic and economic profile of Jharkhand, presents huge opportunity for manpower skilling. Working age population is estimated to grow from 203.72 lakhs in 2011 to 237.78 lakhs in 2017. It is envisaged to further grow to 271.70 lakhs in 2022, implying entry of about 46.07 persons to the workforce during the period (2012 – 2022). Incremental manpower demand in Jharkhand is estimated to be about 43.88 lakhs during the period 2012-22 including 32.52 lakhs in organized sectors and 11.35 lakhs in unorganized sectors.
PanIIT has been working towards skilling using the Gurukul model, a demand-led, residential, fit-for-purpose training in technical skills in sectors like construction, manufacturing, medical services and logistics. The emphasis is on practical experience for enhancing productivity, imbibing quality and ensuring safety. Training is imparted using latest technologies including simulators to create worksite like infrastructure. Gurukul is typically led by ex-servicemen, seek to infuse patriotic values and life skills, including discipline, financial and credit literacy, in addition to technical training. Even before Gurukul is setup, PanIIT contracts with employers, typically CII members, for technically skilled jobs, to assure placements in India and abroad. Hence, jobs are waiting for students even before they enrol in this demand led training model.