Unique spiritual discourse by Acharya Vijay Dharmdhurandar Suri ji at ‘Kshamapan –The Attribute of Pardon’


Mumbai: Socialist and philanthropist Ganpat Kothari successfully organized the unique programme of ‘Kshamapana’ which was helmed by Acharya Vijay Dharmdhurandar Suri ji Saturday, on September 6, 2018 at Deepak Jyoti Tower, Kaala Chowki,Mumbai. It had a grand gathering and was appreciated by everyone who attended the spiritual discourse.

On the occasion, Acharya Vijay Dharmdhurandar Suri Maharaj’s exchange of religious verbal discourse on ‘Kshamapana” said, “To forgive the mistakes committed when he or she realizes and repents on saying ‘sorry’ and asking for forgiveness is said to be the biggest realization engraved by the Lord Almighty himself, which we have never imagined or preserved to be– the practical and spiritual realization of God for forgiveness.” In Uttaradhyan Sutra, further to it this question too has been asked by Gandhar Bhagwant Shri Gautam Swami ji and it was answered by Sarvaj, Sarvadarshi, Devadheydev Shraman Bhagwan Mahavir Swami Ji. It has also been said that if you apologize sincerely than it really touches your soul.

Vijay Dharmdhurandar Suri Maharaj further adds, “By apologizing and pardoning a person brings about prevalence, relaxation and happiness which can be felt within his heart and soul. The simple acts of patience, forbearance, indulgence, friendship, emotional and courage forms one of the ten traditional yamas or restraints that are codified in numerous scriptures too.”