Unisys Announces Winners of UHackHive Hackathon 2024

 Unisys India is thrilled to reveal the winners of UHackHive Hackathon 2024! This unique competition, which invited Indian IT professionals aged 18 and above, focused on encouraging participants to develop innovative AI-driven solutions optimized for cloud environments, utilizing the capabilities of both traditional machine learning and cutting-edge generative AI models. Participants, comprised of individuals and teams, tackled real-world problems across multiple sectors, making relentless efforts to develop ingenious solutions.

The hackathon unfolded in three phases: In the first phase, participants submitted their ideas, which was followed by a submission of prototypes (phase two). In the final phase, shortlisted participants presented their ideas in person to a panel of Unisys experts. The submissions were evaluated on factors such as feasibility, technical complexity, solution completeness, scalability and adherence to responsible AI practices.

Awards and Winners:

  • Innovation Award: Rs. 2,00,000 awarded to Aman Jain for project “Transforming Electric Energy Forecasting for the Renewable Energy Era”
  • Impact Award: Rs. 2,00,000 awarded to the team of Aditya Pal Singh, Abhinav Narang and Aditya Gupta for project “Decasafe: AI with a conscience”
  • Technical Excellence Award: Rs. 2,00,000 awarded to Yash Gupta for project “A Real-time ON DEVICE AI Tool to Detect Dark Patterns & Social Engineering Attacks”
  • Judges’ Choice Award: Rs. 50,000 awarded to both Shubham Udsaria for project “AI Baniya” and the team (Arnab Das, Sayan Sinha and Jayita Bhattacharyya) for project “Travel Itinerary Planning using (Large Language Models) LLM”

UHackHive is an integral part of the fifteenth iteration of the Unisys Innovation Program (UIP), an annual technical project competition for engineering students in India. For more information, visit UHACKHIVE.