Tashkent –  – The National Committee of United World Colleges (“UWC”) in Uzbekistan is proud to announce that the first group of Uzbek students have completed their International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program at some of the world’s leading colleges.


Uzbekistan’s participation in the UWC program is supported by two of the country’s leading companies: ERIELL Group and Enter Engineering.


The first UWC graduates from Uzbekistan are Azimjon Firuzov (UWC Li Po Chun, Hong Kong), Sevara Murodova (UWC Adriatic, Italy) and Kamila Abdullaeva (UWC Atlantic College, UK). In 2019, the graduates were selected after competing in a nationwide test against 25 other candidates.


Bakhtiyor Fazilov, Chairman of the Board of ERIELL and Enter Engineering, said:


“The education of Uzbekistan’s younger generation is vital for a prosperous and bright future. We must pay special attention to guiding the young people who will lead our country tomorrow. Our children need to interact internationally, explore foreign cultures and traditions, and learn to partner with people globally. I wish with all my heart that the knowledge, prudence, and maturity our graduates have gained during the last two years will benefit the development of New Uzbekistan.”


The UWC movement comprises 18 colleges across four continents, with offices in over 150 countries. UWC-affiliated colleges offer a two-year pre-university IB Diploma program equivalent to the final two years of international high school. Upon successful completion, students would have enhanced opportunities to enter the world’s leading universities.


The UWC curriculum covers six subjects: mathematics, foreign languages, sciences, individual & society, art, and language & literature. Students conclude their studies by completing three core elements: a final essay, studies in epistemology, and activities in creativity, sports, and volunteering. UWC also focuses particularly on developing leadership qualities, tolerance and respect for different cultures and peoples, and fostering awareness for one’s personal responsibility to society.


Sharing her impressions of UWC Atlantic College, graduate Kamila Abdullaeva, said:


“My time at UWC was not just a period of study; I found a new family with brothers and sisters from across the world. My studies were a transformative experience; my view of the world expanded and I learned how to overcome my fears. My experience at UWC has prepared me for an exciting journey – personal and career – and has made me much more able to face future challenges calmly.”


UWC alumnus of Li Po Chun, Azimjon Firuzov, remembers:


“Three years ago, I was an ordinary student at public school No. 145, without a clear vision of what I wanted from my life. During my time in Hong Kong, I began to understand the problems and cultures of other countries, and met many people from diverse backgrounds. After this experience with UWC, I am determined to study and devote my working life to the benefit of the world’s citizens and the development of my native Uzbekistan, and the wider world.”


Sevara Murodova, alumnus of UWC Adriatic, added:


“UWC equips you for all walks of life: connecting to people, exploring new knowledge, living your values, setting your own goals and loving every moment. My time at UWC Adriatic will stay with me forever and guide my life path. It has opened my eyes to limitless opportunities for personal growth.”


Acceptance into UWC’s program is accompanied by a financial grant covering all learning tuition and other associated costs. Earlier this year, the third selection process was completed, allowing four additional students to commence studies at UWC colleges in Hong Kong, Norway, Armenia, and Tanzania starting in September 2022. The selection process for UWC’s class of 2023 will start in September.


At the annual meeting of all current and former participants of the program held in Tashkent in July, new scholarship holders received advice and wishes from their graduate peers and current fellows. Nigora Ibadova, who chairs the National Committee of UWC Uzbekistan and is an Advisor to Mr. Fazilov, attended the meeting to congratulate the graduates as well as the new entrants.


Mrs. Ibadova expressed her hope that, one day, the program’s participants will become assessors in their own right, providing other young people with a chance to become part of this global programme.


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