Universities should adopt teaching culture of Nalanda and Takshila: Governor

Bhopal : The Governor Shri Lalji Tandon presented gold medals to the meritorious students at the First Convocation ceremony of Indore Symbiosis University. The Minister for Higher Education Shri Jeetu Patwari and the Founder of the University Padma Bhushan Dr. S.B. Majumdar also attended the convocation ceremony.

The Governor said that when we talk about building new India, we will have to remember the ancient history of our country, the strength on which the World used to consider us as the Vishwa Guru. He mentioned that our educational wealth was also looted and literature was burnt by the destructive powers with the time. Despite all this, on the basis Shruti and Smriti our scholars revived academic history and literature time and again. The Governor mentioned that we will have to build new India on the foundation of ancient teaching system. Shri Tandon further stated that the universities will have to adopt the teaching method of Nalanda and Takshila to enable India to regain the title of Vishwa Guru.

The Minister for Higher Education Shri Jeetu Patwari said that we have to adopt the education system that makes our students a perfect human being. Along with education, a sense of responsibility to conserve culture as well as environment and a feeling of patriotism will have to be instilled in the students. He said that the state Government is making continuous efforts in this direction but it is not possible to bring change on the strength of the government alone. Private universities will also have to participate in it, he added.

The Founder of the University, Padma Bhushan Dr. S.B. Majumdar told the gold medalist students that although you have completed the education but the beginning of learning will start now. You will have to face the society and come across with good and bad experiences in future. He said that you will learn from those experiences more in comparison to any professor. Dr. Majumdar asked the students never to leave hopes.

The Vice Chancellor Dr. Sanjay Kumar, while presenting the annual report, said that 70 percent practical knowledge is given in the university. Sophisticated equipments are used in more than thirty laboratories. One teacher on a group of 20 students has been made available at the university.