University Drama Club of AMU performed Badi Buaji

Aligarh: The University Drama Club (UDC) of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) performed the play ‘Badi Buaji’ written by the Bengali playwright Badal Sircar, in the Kennedy Auditorium recently. The play revolves around an amateur theatre group trying to perform a play titled ‘Kaal Baisakhi’. Chaos ensues when the members of the group are faced with an unforeseen obstruction in the form of Badi Buaji, the aunt of one of the actresses in the play within the play.

Badi Buaji represents the orthodox views of the society where the performative arts are looked down upon. Through a comical series of events, the rest of the characters are able to change Badi Buaji’s perception of theatre and theatre artists. The audience was kept engaged throughout the play by the antics of the characters.

The play was directed by Faisal Nezami, a senior member of the UDC. The assistant director of the play was Rishi Kumar Yadav.

The cast comprised of S Farwah Rizvi, Rishi K Yadav, Kaunain Rizvee, Faiza Sahar, Nadeem A Khan, Syed S H Naqvi, Arij Kidwai, Adnan Khurram, Talha Thakur, Furqaan Anwar Siddiqui, Sameera Ali, Iqra Chowdhary, Kumari Himani, Mohd Akram and Noman Khan. Zaid Khan, Puru Yasharth and Saayam A Khan were the part of production team.