University extension lecture held at Faculty of Theology

Aligarh : “Religious and ethical values can only provide a strong foundation for a peaceful society and Ulemas and religious scholars are the protectors of humanity”, said Professor Akhtar Haseeb, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University while addressing the University extension lecture held at the Faculty of Theology.

Professor Haseeb said that the common followers of a religion always need Ulemas’ and religious scholars’ services and they need to keep updating their knowledge for common good. He said that Prophet Mohammad (SAW) pioneered women empowerment with a number of rights guaranteed to them.

Prof Haseeb said that the Aligarh Muslim University, under the provision 5(2)(c) of its Act, provides religious education also, along with modern education and its Faculty of Theology has been playing a vital role in educating students in Muslim theology.

Delivering the University extension lecture on “Sir Syed and Love for the Prophet: In the Light of Khutbat-e-Ahmadiya”, Dr Mohammad Zahid Ali Khan said that Sir Syed’s seminal work, Khutbat-e-Ahmadiya was an outcome of the disgust and distress which he experienced after the publication of William Muir’s book, “The Life of Mahomet”. He undertook the journey to England and wandered from one library to other searching for appropriate material for writing a scholarly reply to blasphemous anecdotes penned by Muir.

Dr Ali said that Sir Syed’s love for the prophet showed the world the way to write a contradiction or rejoinder to a blasphemous work instead of banning it or taking a violent recourse against such works.

Mohammad Saleem Qasmi, Dean, Faculty of Theology presided over the lecture, while Dr Mohammad Habibullah welcomed the guests and Dr Ahsanullah Fahad proposed a vote of thanks. Dr Mohammad Rashid conducted the programme.

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