University of New South Wales Signs MOU with Maharashtra Government

Mumbai: University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, a leading research and teaching university, has announced a PhD scholarship programme for students from state universities in Maharashtra. As part of an MoU signed with the Maharashtra government, UNSW will offer 20 PhD scholarships every year to high-achieving students from the state universities to advance joint research and knowledge exchange.

A great pathway for high quality students, with a demonstrated ability in research to undertake their doctorates at UNSW’s Canberra campus and in certain cases, at the Sydney campus, the primary objective is to partner with state universities to create a strong research culture and to jointly address some of India’s developmental challenges.

Applications have been invited by UNSW from all state universities across Maharashtra. All that the student has to do is follow the appended steps and apply. UNSW will assess the student’s eligibility, solely based on the merit of their proposals, their research experience and academic performance.

Steps to apply

1. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Vice Chancellor of the student’s university and UNSW Canberra

2. UNSW Canberra to evaluate the EOIs and notify competitive candidates

3. Send a formal application to UNSW for admission and scholarships

Eligibility Criteria

1. UNSW examines both the coursework and the research undertaken by the applicant. In this process, grades will be converted to a UNSW equivalent percentage score by a process of scaling. A significant part of the scaling factor used in each individual case is derived from the standing– using academic world ranking scales – of the institution which awarded the degree.

2. Equivalence may also be derived from the evidence of a 3-year Bachelor degree, plus the completion of a Master’s degree by Research (where the research component is no less than 2/3 of the program), and the Master’s degree is considered the equivalent of a UNSW Masters by Research degree. In this evaluation, scores will be scaled to create a UNSW equivalent score.

The university has seen a steady flow of enrolments from high-achieving Indian students over the past few years, many of whom have availed of the University’s Future of Change scholarships. UNSW, which passionately advocates “the UNSW advantage”, recognizes over 450 volunteers and professionals and helps create opportunities for research students. The advantage for the students lies not just in achieving a world-class PhD, but in working with some of the world’s leading scholars confronting pressing, real-world problems.

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This MOU is the stepping stone to the transformation of education and research to break down boundaries between industry, academia and lead the path of innovation on the global front. The collaboration between esteemed International universities like UNSW, the Government and State-run universities will enable all deserving candidates irrespective of their financial background to create and train the next generation of researchers that will shape the Future of Tomorrow.