University of Alberta: 2021 Innovation Awards Recipients

May 17-20 is Canadian Innovation Week, an event recognizing Canadian innovation from coast to coast. The university is proud to participate in this initiative with its innovation generator celebration—spotlighting some examples of how our research and innovation is helping drive change and shape the future. We are also launching our Innovation Awards celebration.

These awards were created by TEC Edmonton in 2013 to celebrate the university’s annual commercialization achievements—specifically US patents granted, and spinoff companies created. Now that technology transfer services have moved back to the university, it seemed fitting to continue these awards, while beginning to expand to highlight other U of A entrepreneurial achievements. This year, for the first time, we include our eHUB student entrepreneur awards.

The Innovation Awards are one way of publicly recognizing how our faculty and students are helping to create and drive economic and social advancements through entrepreneurial and commercial activities. The virtual awards event, taking place May 20, 3:00-4:00 pm, will celebrate the university’s innovation culture and recognize U of A innovators and entrepreneurs who were granted a US patent with a commercial partner and/or created a spin-off company during 2019-2021, as well as celebrating student entrepreneurs with eHUB awards.

On behalf of the Vice-President Research and Innovation and the university, I would like to congratulate all the recipients listed below.

Deborah James
Associate Vice President (Innovation and Commercialization)

Awards for US Patents
Muhammad Arshad

David Broadhurst

Robert Campbell

Jie Chen

Lingyun Chen

Ratmir Derda

Wen Fu

Jed Harrison

Darren Hockman

Michael Houghton

Jack Jhamandas

Cedric Laborde-Boutet

Raymond Lai

Abdolamir Landi

John Law

Michael Logan

Ana Lopez-Campistrous

William McCaffrey

Scott McKay

Todd McMullen

Harald Nothaft

Gavin Oudit

Rania Soudy

Christine Szymanski

Richard Thompson

Lorne Tyrrell

Aman Ullah

John Vederas

Daniel Ferrer Vinals

Haili Wang

David Williams

David Wishart

Gane Wong