University of Alberta: 3 reasons you should attend the summer job fair

As a student in my fourth (and final!) year of my undergraduate degree, I once had the opportunity to attend an in-person summer job fair in my first year (I know, in-person!) and the Careers Day that was held virtually in September. When I attended these events I always had the intention of finding a job. While that may also be your main purpose for attending the Summer Job Fair on February 9 (duh), I am here to tell you about some hidden benefits of attending that you may not have considered.

Expand your professional network
Attending the summer job fair is a great place to start (or continue) expanding your professional network. You will meet representatives from a variety of companies that play a role in their company’s hiring process. These companies are looking for students like you! Talking to the company representatives gives you a personal connection that can complement your job application.

Even if you don’t end up landing a summer job with the company, you can request to stay connected by adding the recruiter on LinkedIn and keep updated with opportunities at the company.

Work on marketing yourself and practice interview skills
Marketing yourself is a key skill to develop in the professional world. I’m sure you know how awesome you are and why you would be a perfect fit for the job, but you must convince the employers of that! Attending the summer job fair allows you to work on your elevator pitch and talk to a potential employer in a low-stakes environment. I know for myself, attending these job fairs has been a great way to build my confidence and help decrease my nervousness in interviews!

Learn about companies you want to work for when you graduate
There are a myriad of amazing companies who are going to be attending the summer job fair (visit the event webpage for the list of employer exhibitors attending). Not only will these companies be hiring students for the summer, but they may also be hiring new graduates for full-time permanent roles. This is a great way to find companies that interest you and explore their opportunities for your career upon graduation. Through my attendance in these fairs, I have learned about so many different companies I didn’t even know existed! It helped me learn about what potential job fields exist and what really interests me.

In conclusion, attending the Summer Job Fair is not only a great way to find a summer job, but also has so many hidden benefits!

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