University of Amsterdam: David Bos UvA Lecturer of the Year and wins Carte Blanche

Between 6 – 16 April 2021, all UvA students and employees were invited to vote for UvA’s Lecturer of the Year. This year, over 1200 votes were counted. All nominees were praised for their great and hard work in this difficult year where everyone had to switch to online lectures completely. According to the jury, David Bos truly excelled in all categories. He was applauded for his great storytelling, the active engagement of his students and how he stays involved with the learning process, outside of the classroom as well. The highly detailed written course manual illustrates his dedication even more.

Bos responds: “Wow, I feel overwhelmed, honoured and very privileged. We get a lot of attention in the spotlight, but next to us a lot of other colleagues are making it possible: the junior lecturers, the course coordinators, the bicycle coaches, etc… all the shadow work. Let us be all proud of making it possible together.”

How will Bos spend the Carte Blanche? “There are so many things I could think of, but something related to the future!” The IIS is looking forward to developing the course together with Bos.

Last but not least, Bos shares some advice with his colleagues:

It is a very simple thing I always try to do: Take a group picture with your students. When you teach for a long time, it may become a stream of faces, and it is so nice to look back a few years later and wonder where they ended up
David Bos, UvA Lecturer of the Year 2021
Carte Blanche 2020
Last year’s winner, René Smits (former teacher at the Master’s Programme in Law & Finance), developed the Honours module Connection, which will start in April 2022. Exploring connection, from various angles, and seeking to restore it is what this course is all about. Read the interview René Smits gave, shortly after being awarded on the Education Day in October 2020 here.
Previous winners of the UvA Lecturer of the Year and the Carte Blanche are Elio Baldi, Frank Nack, Antoinette Muntjewerff, Bas de Bruin, Joris Marée, Mieke Mulder, Jan van Maarseveen, Gerben Moerman, Sander Bais, Peter Starreveld, Mathieu de Bakker and Maria Bonaria Urban.