University of Amsterdam: Eight European Commission Marie Curie Fellowships for research at the UvA

Eight talented academics will receive Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships from the European Commission to conduct research at the UvA, it has been announced.

The fellowships are awarded from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, which are part of the European Union’s research and innovation programme Horizon Europe. The fellowships are meant to stimulate the cross-border mobility of experienced researchers both inside and outside the European Union. The fellowships are personal grants. All eight UvA researchers have been awarded European Fellowships, which last for two years and for most laureates amount to a budget of around €185,000. Overall, the European Commission will award 1,156 fellowships in this round (8,356 applications were submitted), amounting to €242 million in total.

The recipients

Raphael Abiry (Amsterdam School of Economics): The Role of Green Quantitative Easing for Optimal Climate Change Policies
Supervisor: Roel Beetsma
Kristina Gedgaudaitė (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis / Marilena Laskaridis special chair for Modern Greek Studies): Recollected: History, Memory and Imagination in Contemporary Greek Comics and Graphic Novels
Supervisor: Maria Boletsi
Marianna Girlando (Institute for Logic, Language and Computation): Cyclic Derivations for Recursive Operators
Supervisor: Yde Venema
Salvatore Giusto (European Studies/Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis): Scar-Facebook: Organized Crime and Populist Digital Media Politics in Contemporary Italy and Europe
Supervisor: Chiara de Cesari
Matthias de Groof (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis): Ecologies of indigenous filmmaking in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Supervisor: Patricia Pisters
Beste Kamali (Institute for Logic, Language and Computation): Explorations in Polar Question Meaning and its Variations
Supervisor: Floris Roelofsen
Ana-Maria Raclariu (Institute of Physics): Towards a holographic approach for gravity in asymptotically flat spacetimes
Supervisor: Alejandra Castro Anich
Jesús San Jose Orduna (Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences): Selective Alkylation of Complex Molecules in Flow
Supervisor: Timothy Noël

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