University of Amsterdam: Future Planet Studies students organise lecture ‘Look up! Let’s cool the planet now!’

The group researched deforestation and reforestation projects in the Amazon region. Together with Rob de Laet, a Dutch entrepreneur who is committed to restoring the Amazon region and based in the area, the students are initiating an online lecture on climate change using the Amazon as a case study.

De Laet, who manages his own valley in the Brazilian rainforest and is working on a reforestation project, will share his knowledge and offer new perspectives on possible solutions during the online lecture. He will present his plan to cool the planet through reforestation and create a new economy – with more surprising findings than you might think.

Individual options to contribute to solutions
In this way, the Future Planet Studies students want to start the conversation with other UvA students and staff about the individual options for contributing to solving this problem, at any distance.

The Earth has been damaged to the point of global environmental collapse. But there’s hope in forests. Restoring forests to their original state could cool the Earth by up to 1°C in a generation! We have a plan to cool the globe & create a new economy. There is more that you can do than you’d think. Save the date & save the planet!
FPS-students and initiators of the online lecture, Koen, Noor, Vera and Thomas