University of Amsterdam: The IIS as a testing ground for transition-focused education

Society is facing urgent, complex issues that are not easy to manage. Examples include the development of sustainable energy supplies, accessible healthcare, a just city and inclusive digitalisation. Radical changes are needed for this, which are not easy to manage. These types of challenges are firmly embedded in existing societal structures and institutions, and demand radical changes in structural thinking and action. The IIS is developing education in which students learn to relate to and actively manage such societal transitions.

In the coming years, the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) is going to focus on shaping societal transitions. By teaching the future generation of academics to look beyond the borders of their discipline and to integrate different areas of expertise, they will come into contact with knowledge and skills that are necessary to make a contribution to the complex challenges our society is facing. Read more about the educational ambitions of the IIS here

The IIS as a testing ground for transition-focused education