University of Auckland: Data governance symposium launches vital new programme

Industry experts and stakeholders will gather at the University of Auckland on 9 July to discuss data protection issues, namely privacy, security and sovereignty, and to launch new programmes of study in Information Governance at the Business School.

The symposium, entitled, ‘Who’s doing what with your data? Information governance in a digital world’, features keynote speakers including New Zealand’s Privacy Commissioner and Government Chief Privacy Officer alongside industry panellists, including a representative of Facebook.

Issues like the value of our personal data, who owns it, how it’s stored, and how it’s used will be discussed, alongside the urgent need for trained professionals who can navigate the laws and regulations that control the way we use data.

The event will also mark the launch of innovative new programmes in Information Governance at the University’s Business School, taught by experts in the areas of data privacy, information ethics, blockchain and ledger technologies, cybersecurity and regulation, artificial intelligence, and dispute resolution procedures.

Designed to prepare students for careers in fields related to the governance of data and personal information, the programmes will equip them to be leaders in key areas vital to the data economy.

Facebook intends to provide both a subject prize (in artificial intelligence regulation) and student scholarship (for the certificate in information governance). Other organisations offering subject prizes are Simply Privacy (information ethics) and the inaugural New Zealand Westin scholar award from the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Professor Susan Watson, Dean of the Business School, says data has become one of the greatest drivers of economic activity globally and its commodification continues to raise regulatory challenges worldwide.

“I welcome the new programme and am grateful for the corporate sponsorship of prizes and scholarships. The attendance of both the regulator and private and public sector stakeholders at the symposium is testament to the central role played by data in today’s economy,” she says.

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