University of Birmingham: New study investigates how to understand and improve social care assessments for older LGBTQ+ people in England

The study which is known as LOASCA (LGBTQ + Older Adult Social Care Assessment) study will work with three local authorities to investigate social care assessments and how older people (65+) with support needs experience them, taking an in-depth look at the ways that practitioners doing assessments consider issues of sexuality and gender identity. Social care workers, including social workers and occupational therapists, complete social care assessments.

Dr Jason Schaub from the University of Birmingham, Principal Investigator of the project, said: “There is very little research about how social care engages with sexuality and gender identity when assessing the needs of older LGBTQ+ people. LOASCA will shed light on the adult social care experiences of LGBTQ+ people both about any discrimination or abuse they may have encountered, but also their relationship with their social care workers. This study will produce innovative knowledge to help councils to better support older people that live in their areas.”

In addition to working with three local authorities, the study is informed by an advisory group which includes older LGBTQ+ people, service providers, and representatives from professional regulators and support organisations including Safe Ageing No Discrimination, Birmingham LGBT, Opening Doors London and Social Care Institute for Excellence.

Lyn Romeo, the Chief Social Worker for Adults said: “LGBTQ+ people experience particular challenges when accessing social care, but we know very little about how social workers support this group of older people. The launch of LOASCA will help our profession address the specific needs of the perhaps millions of LGBTQ+ people who will need social care in later life.”

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