University of Birmingham: Professor Uekotter discusses calls for Germany to return to nuclear power with Der Spiegel

With the war in Ukraine, rising inflation, and an ongoing climate crisis, some are calling for Germany to return to nuclear power. Dr. Uekotter rejects these claims, arguing that nuclear reactors pose serious environmental threats and cannot simply be turned on and off like coffee machines.

Historiker über Kernkraft: Werden jetzt die Atom-Reaktoren wieder angeworfen? – DER SPIEGEL

Professor Uekotter is currently working on an ERC funded research project that traces the pathways towards monoculture and looks for recurring patterns and trajectories, common challenges and typical mindsets and thus aims to provide a better understanding of monocultures’ underlying rationales and dynamisms. The project approaches monocultures as ecological and socioeconomic trouble spots while also seeking to address the place of monocultures in the ongoing debates about the modern food system.