University of Bremen: Artificial intelligence in children’s books

The second part of the children’s book series “Finja forscht!” Is about artificial intelligence. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the University of Bremen is giving away 50 class sets from the book “The Enigmatic Robot” to students in the 3rd to 6th grades from Bremen.
As always, Finja and Malik are out and about together when Luna crosses their path and wants to start a conversation. The amazing thing about it? Luna escaped from her workplace – and a robot! The children’s curiosity is aroused and they dive into the exciting world of technology and computer science: What is artificial intelligence? How does a robot learn? And why can Luna answer a lot of difficult questions but not make coffee?

The special thing about the story that is featured in the newly published book “Finja forscht! The mysterious robot “is told: All scientists who appear as characters really exist. Professor Rolf Drechsler, Professor Michael Beetz and young scientist Gaya Kazhoyan do research in books and in real life at the University of Bremen on all aspects of artificial intelligence and robotics. In the first volume, “Finja forscht – the mysterious powder”, which appeared in 2019, everything revolved around the complex subject of materials science.

Free class sets
The author of the book, Isabell Harder, is employed at the university as transfer coordinator University & School and used the lockdown last year for research and writing: “If we can’t hold any events for schoolchildren, then we will at least provide something exciting Reading feed. “

Harder then had the idea of making as many copies of the book as possible available to school classes free of charge. This is now possible with financial support from the AGRA computer architecture working group , the Institute for Artificial Intelligence IAI , the EASE Collaborative Research Center and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence DFKI . 50 class sets can be ordered by teachers free of charge as of now and while stocks last.

“Finja is researching! The Enigmatic Robot ”is like the first volume in the series“ Finja researches! The mysterious powder ”published by Schünemann-Verlag in Bremen.

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