University of Bremen: Corona regulations apply until mid-February

The University of Bremen remains in digital mode for the time being. Following the latest resolutions by the federal and state governments and discussions between the universities and the state government, the existing regulations will be extended until mid-February. This applies to students and employees of the University of Bremen.
Digital courses, no face-to-face exams
The currently existing regulations will be extended for students. Until the end of the lecture period, courses are held exclusively in digital form. Non-digitizable teaching formats such as laboratory internships or the like will be suspended until February 14th. No face-to-face examinations are carried out during this time. Exceptions are possible for students for whom the lack of access to laboratories, instruments or the like would lead to considerable individual disadvantages in the further course of their studies. This particularly applies to theses. In such cases, students are asked to contact their supervisor for an arrangement.

Study rooms and gastronomic offers remain closed, the library offers basic services
The learning rooms for student work on campus and in the State and University Library (SuUB) are initially not accessible until mid-February. The SuUB provides lending and other basic services in emergency operation. Detailed information can be found on the SuUB homepage. The catering offers of the Studierendenwerk remain closed.

Home office for as many areas as possible
The existing rules also apply to employees until February 14th. Anyone who can do their tasks from their home office should work from there. Activities that can only be carried out on campus and that are necessary to maintain business operations are excluded from this regulation. This includes work in human resources and finance, student and examination administration as well as IT and technical operations. Research that can only take place on site due to the necessary infrastructure (IT, laboratory, other technology) is possible. The general hygiene and contact rules must be observed for all activities on campus.

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