University of Bremen: Day of Remembrance: Guest lecture on conspiracy theories

On the day of remembrance for the victims of National Socialism, the University of Bremen invites you to a digital guest lecture by the scientist Michael Butter from the University of Tübingen. On Wednesday, January 27, 2021 he will speak about “The New Cross Front: The ‘lateral thinkers’ and the New Right”.
The Day of Remembrance of the Victims of National Socialism on January 27 is intended to commemorate the millions of people who were persecuted or murdered during the totalitarian regime of the National Socialists. On this occasion, the University of Bremen organizes one or more events every year to which the interested public is cordially invited. For interested university members, “Dies Academicus” applies during the period. This means that for the duration of the event, it is recommended to leave teaching and work to rest in order to create space for participation in the lecture.

Lecture: “The lateral thinkers and the new right”
The central memorial event is being organized this year by the Department of Cultural Studies at the University of Bremen. On Wednesday, January 27, 2021, Michael Butter will give a lecture entitled “The New Cross Front: The ‘lateral thinkers’ and the New Right” at 4 p.m. Which alliances are evident in the movement of the “lateral thinkers” and what are the consequences of the strengthening of this connection of different and heterogeneous associations and social contexts? Conspiracy theories are dangerous not least because of their immense aggressive potential and their effects could escalate, especially against the background of current developments in the pandemic and health policy measures. Coalitions with right and left lateral thinkers and right groups are conceivable – sometimes they even pursue the same goals. It is important to look carefully.

“Doing memory – memory work in German-Israeli exchange”
Irina Drabkina, a graduate of the Masters in Transcultural Studies and lecturer in the Department of Cultural Studies, will then present the project “ Doing memory – memory work in German-Israeli exchange”. The exchange, which was awarded the Shimon Peres Prize in 2020, promotes academic teaching and practical experience for reflection on inclusion and exclusion – an ever-present factor in modern societies. The students deal intensively with various inclusion topics and visit local projects that promote inclusion.

The event will be musically designed by Kilian Farrell, currently choir and orchestra director at the University of Bremen.

The day of remembrance of the victims of National Socialism on January 27th has been a national, statutory day of remembrance in Germany since 1996. The anniversary is related to January 27, 1945, the day of the liberation of the Auschwitz extermination camp.

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