University of Bremen: First online information week for university parents

Experts present various topics: family work and mental load (fair) sharing, support and networks for single parents in Bremen, parental allowance and parental leave, parenthood and the law on temporary employment contracts in science (law on fixed-term employment contracts in science), fathers between children and careers, and rainbow families . All events take place in the mornings. Participation can take place during working hours, provided there are no urgent tasks.

Inform about support offers
“It is important to me that many parents take part in this information week and can find out about support offers or about their rights and obligations as parents,” says University Chancellor Frauke Meyer. She knows the challenges of combining work and family very well from her own experience.

The background to the event is the fact that family and parenthood are lived in diverse constellations. It is important for parents to know the support offers for their individual situation. The information week is intended to help find suitable offers.

In addition to the parents’ days, which are held for the first time, the University of Bremen also has the compatibility week, which is held every year in spring.

The detailed program and the option to register for the individual offers can be found on the event website at

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