University of Bremen: Minister of State appoints Director of SuUB Bremen to Advisory Board

The KEK promotes, coordinates and optimizes the preservation of written originals and thus makes a significant contribution to safeguarding cultural memory. Because almost all historical documents such as books, certificates or files are made of paper. And that is acutely endangered: over time, it becomes brittle, disintegrates and, in the worst case, is lost. Since 2010, the KEK has been supporting, optimizing and coordinating the preservation of endangered written originals in libraries and archives. Where historical manuscripts, books and documents are acutely endangered, support for deacidification, cleaning and restoration can be applied for through the funding program. Measures to prepare for digitization are also funded.

The funds are provided by the Kulturstiftung der Länder and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM). The total is currently 3.8 million euros.
The seven-strong advisory board consists of representatives from the library and archive sector. It supports the coordination office in implementing its nationwide recommendations for action and makes recommendations for individual project funding. The term of office of the advisory board is three years. With her current appointment, SuUB director Maria Elisabeth Müller is already taking on her second term.

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