University of Bremen: Staged reading on the foundation of the university

On the 50th anniversary of the University of Bremen, the reading focuses on the difficult path of founding a university in the Hanseatic city: from the idea of ​​an international university in the post-war period to a campus university with traditional subjects to a reform university based on the “Bremen model “Behind the city forest. What were the hopes associated with the project and what obstacles had to be overcome? Which concepts were pursued and then rejected? And how did the Bremen public react?

The long way to the university town
As early as 1946, the Bremen Senate was discussing the establishment of an international university that would promote international understanding and offer new forms of imparting knowledge to people without a high school diploma. This project was supported by the US military government. On December 16, 1948, the citizens of Bremen unanimously adopted the law establishing an international university. The project failed due to insufficient financial resources and the question of the location. And yet, on October 14, 1971, a new university was opened in Bremen’s town hall. The founding process was shaped by the educational policy debates of the 1960s.

Staged reading in the Bremen citizenship
In the staged reading, actors from the bremer shakespeare company and members of the Bremen citizenship will read texts from historical sources. In addition to President Frank Imhoff (CDU) and Vice President Antje Grotheer (SPD), Robert Bücking (Greens), Klaus-Rainer Rupp (Left) and Magnus Buhlert (FPD) will take part.
The premiere on Monday, October 11th at 7:00 p.m. in the Bremen Citizenship is a cooperation between the University of Bremen, the bremer skakespeare company and the Bremen Citizenship.

Dates in October:

Monday, October 11, 2021, premiere 7:00 p.m., House of Citizenship
Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 7:30 p.m., Theater am Leibnizplatz
Tickets are available from the bremer shakespeare company:

About the theater project
“From the files to the stage” is a historical theater project of the University of Bremen under the direction of Dr. Eva Schöck-Quinteros and the Bremen shakespeare company ( bsc ). The concept: History students research historical sources, the bremer shakespeare company handles the text editing for the scenic reading and the actors make them speak on stage. The current reading about the founding of the university took place in close collaboration with Sigrid Dauks from the Bremen University Archives.