University of Bremen: University library and citizenship start project

Those interested in politics will be able to digitally read contemporary historical documents from the Bremen Parliament. The Bremen State and University Library has started to digitize documents and minutes from Parliament from 1823 to the online editions in 1999.
“I am pleased that with this project, political actors, everyone interested in political events and also political science research will be given unrestricted digital access to the documents,” said the director of the SuUB Bremen, Maria Elisabeth Müller.

Around 300,000 pages are digitally processed in the library’s digitization workshop. This is done in accordance with the specifications of the in-house restoration workshop and in accordance with the practice rules for digitization of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The further processing of the electronic documents (digital copies) includes quality assurance, structuring and indexing. Technical preparation using OCR software is planned, which will make it possible to search all texts online. The long-term archiving of the digital citizenship printed matter is guaranteed by the SuUB Bremen. The digital copies will be made freely accessible immediately after their completion via the digital collections of the SuUB ( They can be downloaded as PDF files.

The cooperation agreement was signed between the director of the SuUB Bremen Maria Elisabeth Müller, the director of the Bremen Parliament, Hans-Joachim von Wachter and Prof. Dr. Konrad Elmshäuser signed by the participating state archive.
The project will start in April 2022 and should be completed after around three years.

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