University of California Irvine: UCI hosts Warrior-Scholar Project boot camp for fourth year

The University of California, Irvine will host a Warrior-Scholar Project academic boot camp this summer for the fourth year in a row. WSP prepares military veterans for transitioning back to the classroom environment at the nation’s most prestigious research universities, including UCI.

The goal of WSP is to empower enlisted veterans and service members to excel at four-year universities. It features expert UCI faculty teaching different fields of study, with this year’s program having a humanities focus.

“We are proud to host Warrior-Scholar Project for the fourth year at UC Irvine,” said Dani Molina, director of UCI’s Veteran Services Center. “WSP is at the forefront of educating our nation’s enlisted military and veterans about the rigors of earning a higher education. As an enlisted veteran myself, I understand that transitioning to higher education can be daunting. Through WSP, these veterans will learn that they have a unique set of skills and life experiences that will propel them to succeed in higher education and beyond.”

The eight-day boot camp is free and includes campus boarding and food. WSP also offers an accessibility stipend of up to $500 for travel, childcare and other expenses.

“There is no other program out there that equips student veterans for success that compares with Warrior-Scholar Project,” said CEO Ryan Pavel. “For 10 years, we have worked with world-class faculty, veteran mentors and university administrators to make the WSP impact come to life. Our program is truly transformative – 90% of our alumni have completed or are on track to earn their undergraduate degrees, an increase of 25 percentage points over the national veteran average.”

The UCI boot camp runs from Aug. 6 to 13 and will comprise 11 individuals from all branches of the military. Those interested in participating must fill out an application form, with the main eligibility criteria being that they do not yet have a bachelor’s degree and either are enlisted veterans or have served at least one year on active duty, in the reserves or in the National Guard. WSP personnel review fully completed applications in the order in which they’re received, and program placements continue until all spots are filled.

“It’s to help our servicemen and -women move into the mind space of being back in the classroom,” Molina said of WSP. “Between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., they receive instruction, participate in seminars and discussions with professors, study and read – and there’s a lot of bonding going on as well.”

In addition to hosting WSP each summer, UCI supports the veteran community through programs and services provided by the Veteran Services Center. It also offers a Veterans Studies Certificate Program through the School of Social Sciences. The 2-year-old program features three courses that focus on the diverse experiences of veterans and their varied roles in U.S. history and society.

UCI’s Brilliant Future campaign: Publicly launched on Oct. 4, 2019, UCI’s Brilliant Future campaign aims to raise awareness and support for the university. By engaging 75,000 alumni and garnering $2 billion in philanthropic investment, UCI seeks to reach new heights of excellence in student success, health and wellness, research and more.

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