University of Canberra: UC signs student exchange agreement with Swansea University

University of Canberra students will be able to head to Swansea University in Wales, United Kingdom, from 2023 after the institutions recently signed a Student Exchange Agreement.

The agreement with Swansea University will see up to ten full-time UC students participating in an exchange program annually, over a period of five years. The exchange program will be open to all University of Canberra undergraduate students who have completed one year of full-time study.

“As recognised centres of excellence in sport science, the linkages between our institutions make this partnership particularly beneficial for the advancement of sport science on the global stage,” said Professor Paddy Nixon, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University.

The University of Canberra and Swansea University first entered into a partnership in June 2021, which outlined their intention to establish a range of opportunities for teaching, research and student exchange.

The partnership with Swansea University is closely aligned with the University of Canberra’s Sport Strategy, also launched in 2021. The strategy seeks to, amongst other priorities, establish connections that will build exceptional student education and experiences, and provide students with an employment-seeking edge.

“Exchange programs add an experiential layer to study that is enriching and life-changing. Students get to explore a science and technology scene which is culturally very different, as is immersive learning, and they gain an appreciation for the destination country’s culture and heritage.”

Under this agreement, students have the option of spending an academic semester at either institution.

“This agreement with Swansea University will provide our Sport and Exercise Science students with a unique opportunity to continue their studies abroad, aligned with the external accreditation requirements for our degrees,” said Dr Julie Cooke, the University of Canberra’s Discipline Lead – Sport & Exercise Science.

“We are delighted that we have further formalised our partnership, and we look forward to more collaboration in the advancement of sport science, sport integrity and other sport disciplines,” said Professor Nixon.

The broader partnership agreement between the two universities has already seen progress in research collaborations and developments, and joint teaching activities.