University of Cape Town: Race Writing Workshop with Professor Rozena Maart

Professor Rozena Maart, one of the most prolific critical race scholars in the world, will lead the Race Writing Workshop, which will offer participants an opportunity to learn, examine and interrogate concepts such as race, writing and difference.

Professor Maart will lead the two-day workshop in collaboration with the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Office for Inclusivity & Change (OIC) and the university’s Inclusivity Strategy Working Group.

As part of its Inclusivity Strategy, UCT is currently implementing a Dismantling Racism strategy. This strategy focuses on understanding how systemic and institutional forms of racism manifest in order to produce recommendations for change.

Workshop details

The workshop takes its cue from the book with the same title, “Race,” Writing and Difference, edited by Henry Louis Gates Jr and Kwame Anthony Appiah. The book is a collection of essays that each delve into these three concepts through literature and literary criticism, philosophy, gender studies, Africana studies, psychoanalysis, and Derridean deconstruction, among others.

The workshop offers participants an opportunity to learn, examine and interrogate these concepts by asking them to situate their own subject location as central to the production of knowledge – thinking, speech, writing and the imagination.

Participants are encouraged to bring questions relating to their writing projects on day two of the workshop.

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