University of Cape Town: Scientists Found Out How Aspirin Affects Coronavirus

Scientists have analyzed the effectiveness of interaction between aspirin molecule and a numberof proteins of the virus SARS-CoV-2. In order to do this, they conducted a detailed structural study of one of the crystal forms of aspirin, and using the method of molecular docking found that the aspirin molecule can interact effectively with the active centers of a number of proteins of the virusSARS-CoV-2, causing coronavirus. Aspirin can potentially slow or even suppress their activity. The findings are published in the Journal of Molecular Structure.

The researchers also compared the activity of the aspirin molecule with that of commonly used medications in the treatment of COVID-19. For this purpose, they conducted studies using the molecular docking method of Favipiravir and Remdisivir molecules.

“Computer studies made it possible to calculate the binding energy of each of the molecules being studied with some of the coronavirus proteins. According to the calculations, aspirin shows higher absolute binding energies to coronavirus proteins compared to Favipiravir. The most effective ofthe three medications is Remdesivir,” notes Damir Safin, co-author of the article and research engineer at the UrFU Laboratory of Organic Synthesis.

Scientists believe that the results of the study will be useful for the development of new medications and new effective treatments for COVID-19. Further, they plan to conduct a number of studies of both already known medications and new ones to identify their potential activity against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

“Using computational methods of analysis, we can identify new pharmaceutical properties of existing products. This will make it possible to develop a new method of treating a disease. In terms of fighting various diseases, including new ones, before developing something from scratch, it is more efficient and cost-effective to test already known medications. Their production is established, their pharmacological effects and side effects are known, which means they are potentially safer and more effective,” explains Damir Safin.

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