University of Cape Town: Students, make a creative statement at this year’s Res4Res Unleashed

University of Cape Town (UCT) residence students are invited to enter for Res4Res Unleashed, a 60-day online exhibition event that celebrates “unbounded artistic expression” in digital and traditional mediums. This will be UCT’s first massive online exhibition (MOVE) for students.

The new event will embrace digital artforms and traditional works and hopes to attract a diverse expression of creative talent of all skill levels from the UCT student community, said Frank Karigambe, the coordinator of Governance and Programme Support, (first tier) at UCT’s Residence Life Division.

Res4Res Unleashed builds on the previous iteration of the Res4Res festival ethos. The annual themed Res4Res festival created a platform to explore contemporary personal and societal cultural themes. This was an opportunity for UCT’s Student Housing & Residence Life and the Department of Student Affairs to expand students’ opportunities to unleash their human potential as well-rounded global citizens, said Karigambe.

But Rres4Res Unleashed offers these opportunities in a more expanded and diverse format – and on a never-before-seen in the UCT community, said Karigambe.

Open theme, four categories

Four categories have been created for artworks, which will highlight not only the art but the artists too. These categories are:

digital visual
digital video
traditional visual
traditional written.
As the first massive online exhibition, both digital and traditional exhibitions will be presented on the Miro Whiteboard exhibition space and will be accessible via a simple link.

Students stand a chance to win Takealot vouchers worth up to R1 000 each and global bragging rights as a UCT Res4Res Unleashed winner.

“Students also benefit from exposure to their artworks and social media profiles, with reach and engagement that may benefit them in developing a personal audience and following,” said Res4Res Unleashed curator, Shaun Mahabeer.

The UCT community will have the opportunity to view the entire exhibition in one glance and zoom in to view each artwork in detail. There will also be updates shared on Vula, and on the official UCT Res4Res social media platforms: see Instagram and Facebook.

In addition, students are encouraged through the expression of interest form to share a personal social media username that will accompany their artwork. This will allow the UCT community and the Res4Res Unleashed audience to connect personally with the artist and to potentially follow their social media profile.

“Res4Res Unleashed aims to ignite these digital marketing fundamentals for students, artists, and creators who wish to grow their social media presences.”

The intention here, said Karigambe, is for all Res4Res Unleashed entrants to benefit from greater reach and engagement on their social media profiles and to allow entrants to follow their content in a way that encourages and facilitates the development of an audience.

“At a time where the value of audiences, social media presence, online engagement becomes apparent and influential for artists and creator success, Res4Res Unleashed aims to ignite these digital marketing fundamentals for students, artists, and creators who wish to grow their social media presences,” said Mahabeer.

The UCT community will also have access to two Live Artist sessions and two Live Expert sessions where they can listen to artists and experts discuss the participants’ artworks and contemporary prevailing themes.

“From this, students can hone their artistic insights and considerations for their own creative practice,” said Mahabeer.

Each Res4Res Unleashed category will feature two winners: one Experts Choice winner and one UCT Choice winner, voted for by the university community.

Competition entry details

Res4Res Unleashed will be presented in two rounds: Round 1 (25 July to 29 August) and Final Round (30 August to 30 September).

Students do not need an idea or artwork to enter. They can simply share their name, student number, residence, 150-word bio and their choice of social media handle. Thereafter, and leading up to the Round 1 final submission date, Friday 5 August, they can start to create their artworks within the chosen categories.

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