University of Cape Town: The Phenomenon of Inclusive Culture Was Discussed at the University

On December 2-3, on the platform of the Center for Inclusive Education (CIO UrFU) in a hybrid format (offline and online) the IV International Research to Practice Conference “Extrability as a Phenomenon of Inclusive Culture. Design of Inclusive Interaction”.

The conference considered several key topics: the competence of people with disabilities in the status of the client, manager, entrepreneur and leader; innovative technologies, developments and promising research in the field of inclusive culture management, art therapy and other forms of productive artistic experience, digital technologies for qualitative acquirement of knowledge, skills and competences by people with disabilities.

“The uniqueness of the event is real inclusion, when professional experts, people with different forms of disabilities, and representatives of socially excluded groups in practice and in theory together explore the possibilities of inclusive interaction and seek answers to the questions: “What should be the design of scenarios for stakeholder involvement? How to manage the transformation process in real-world settings?” – says Oleg Kolpashchikov, one of the organizers of the conference, president of the White Cane NGO.

The conference participants considered real cases, and attention was also paid to practical experience in the application of methods for the development of an individual’s concealed abilities in a variety of contexts. More than 200 people from different parts of the world registered for the event, and more than 150 people took part in the plenary part.

Master classes at the conference were held by psychologists, businessmen, educators, people with various types of disabilities, and representatives of various nationalities from 12 countries.

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