University of Cape Town: University Students Won First Place at the Young Professionals Championship

On December 8, MEPhI summed up the results of the competition for teams of university students Future Skills Team Challenge 2021. Students of Ural Federal University took first place in the “Digital Manufacturing” field.

The competitive tasks represented real business and production tasks that required not only engineering and technical skills, but also communication skills within the team and with the customer, cognitive skills, as well as entrepreneurial thinking and the ability to effectively present the product to the customer.

More than 30 teams from 20 universities across the country took part in the championship and competed in six competitions over two days. UrFU students worked in the “Digital Manufacturing” area and took gold.

“The demand for future competences is growing dynamically, new professions are needed today. And you, studying at the university, are already professionals in these fields. Meanwhile, any professional at some point faces the limit of his or her growth, when it becomes clear that there are things you can do on your own, but for more complex tasks you need to assemble a team. This championship is a great opportunity to gain unique experience and make the right and correct conclusions to continue to develop your skills later on. In this case there will be no limits for your careers,” said Ekaterina Loshkareva, Deputy General Director of Worldskills Russia for Research, Design and Development of Educational Organizations.

The final stage of the championship was the business program, which took place on December 9 in online format. It consisted of reflective sessions, during which the organizers, as well as Russian and international experts, discussed topics related to the development of tools for implementing Future Skills competencies in the educational process of higher education institutions, as well as trends and transformations currently taking place in the world and in the labor market.