University of Central Missouri: Nursing Instructors Experience AR-VR Capabilities at UCM’s Mixed Reality Studio

Nursing instructors from the University of Central Missouri (UCM) recently participated in a demonstration of UCM’s augmented and virtual reality capabilities. Students from the university’s Mixed Reality Studio Team are working with UCM’s School of Nursing to develop applications using AR and VR programs to create simulated healthcare scenarios for nurses in training.

During the Sept. 27 AR-VR demos, UCM School of Nursing instructors donned headsets and AR-VR gloves to better understand how the emerging technology can simulate healthcare settings. The UCM staff members were assisted by members of the Mixed Reality Studio Team.

Through augmented and virtual reality, nursing students train within realistic scenarios in settings such as hospital rooms, intensive care wards and operating suites. The scenarios help them learn critical aspects of patient care while also preparing the students for healthcare situations ranging from routine care to handling a healthcare crisis.

By working together, the Mixed Reality Studio Team and School of Nursing will help bring the clinical environment directly to the nursing students as they prepare for careers in healthcare.