University of Copenhagen: Prorector becomes dean

Bente Merete Stallknecht took office as Prorector of Education at UCPH on 1 August 2018 after having served as Head of the Department of Biomedical Sciences.​

Focus on physical activity
Bente Merete Stallknecht is 57 years old. She holds a medical degree from 1992, earned her PhD in 1997 and became Doctor of Medical Science in 2003, all completed at UCPH. Since 2003, she has been a professor at the Department of Biomedical Sciences. As Prorector, she has been able to spend up to 20 percent of her worktime on academic activities, primarily research management and student supervision.

As a researcher, she has studied the impact of exercise in relation to weight and health, and she is currently involved in how pregnant women can get more exercise into their everyday life. She is used to communicating her research in alternative ways, for example through science theatre.

Remains part of UCPH management
“It’s with regret that I must soon say goodbye to Bente, who is a highly valued part of the Rectorate, but as dean she will, fortunately, remain in the University’s senior management, where she will continue to contribute to a common direction for UCPH,” Rector Henrik C. Wegener says, and continues:

“With her medical expertise and extensive interdisciplinary experience within research and education – plus her excellent collaboration skills – I see Bente as just the right person to lead and represent the various disciplines at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.”

A solid leadership foundation
As Prorector, Bente Merete Stallknecht has had significant influence on the Rectorate’s priorities and the University’s direction. With her responsibility for education, Bente has been working to ensure an equal footing for teaching and research. Furthermore, she has been responsible for creating clear career paths for academic staff by introducing criteria for recognising merit and for creating gender equality among this group of staff. She is project owner for the steering committee that is to implement UCPH’s green 2030 targets in the organisation and ensure that the University contributes to a sustainable world through research, education and societal commitment.

Bente is responsible for the digitisation of degree programmes, the implementation of the new language policy and the integration of research in education. She represents UCPH in the Management Committee of the European university alliance 4EU+, and under Universities Denmark she is in charge of a partnership working to maintain international graduates in Denmark and a task force for gender diversity and equality in research.

Bente Merete Stallknecht is appointed dean for a five-year term with the option of a three-year administrative extension. She will be taking over from Ulla M. Wewer, who has been dean of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences since 2006, and who will step down at the end of April 2022.