University of Delhi holds panel discussion as part of International Women’s Day in New Delhi

New Delhi: On the occasion of the International Women’s Day 2020, Law Centre II, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi organized a panel discussion on “Women Empowerment: New Dimensions.” The program started with the ceremonial lighting of lamp followed by welcome address by Prof. VK Ahuja, the Prof-in-charge of Law Centre-II in which he introduced the eminent panel of women dignitaries, namely Professor Kamala Sankaran of Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law; Professor Pami Dua of Department of Economics, Professor Kavita Sharma of Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics; Professor Geeta Bhatt of NCWEB, and Ms Priyanka Mishra, Additional Director, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

The first speaker Professor Geeta Bhatt while enlisting the new dimensions said, “When nature created women, it made women with inherent qualities of strength and ability to withhold and execute responsibilities.” She also highlighted the contribution of women in diverse fields across the ages. Professor Pami Dua stressing upon the need of a vibrant universe said that it is “important to recognize the role of women not only for the world but also for the sake of humanity”. She also said that “Women bring life, colour and meaning to our otherwise mundane existence; and they are not the marginalized section of the society but deserve rights as natural rights”.

Professor Kamala Sankaran while talking about the recent developments in the legal field with respect to women empowerment gave the example of first woman advocate enrolled in 1924 which necessitated a change in the law of the Bar. While she stated that women’s contribution in the tertiary sector is increasing, she also said that there is a reason of concern as the recent data shows a decline of women’s employment in informal and especially the agricultural sector. She also quoted several recent judgments of the Apex Court wherein the judiciary has played a pro-active role in ensuring a dignified and equitable humane existence to all irrespective of their gender. Professor Kavita Sharma emphasized upon the need to stop stereotyping of women and asked for equality in responsibilities in addition to equality in employments. Dr Rajni Abbi in addition to moderating the session said that the need is the “generations to be taught equality at home for a creation of utopian society”. She pointedly remarked that even today, in the corporate environment it is tough to find women in the board of directors. The program Director Dr. Pinki Sharma felicitated the guests and the discussion ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Vageshwari Deswal.

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