University of Dundee Sports Union led an initiative to inspire hundreds to donate blood

UK-Based University of Dundee has come forward to lead an initiative by the University of Dundee Sports Union to inspire others in donating blood. Earlier this year, students within the Sports Union launched the ‘Bloody Brilliant Sports Union Challenge’, encouraging Dundee clubs to come together during a time of restricted sport in order to promote the importance of giving blood. For ten weeks, 25 clubs within the University took turns in running their blood drives, encouraging as many people as possible to donate while raising awareness for the essential service. Till now, almost 300 individuals have pledged to donate, 58% of which are first-time donors.

The campaign was facilitated through a partnership with the Scottish charity Give Blood 4 Good (GB4G), which aims to increase participation and improve education surrounding blood donation while creating a culture that inspires more young people to start donating blood.

When an individual gives blood, the donation is split into three components – red blood cells, platelets and plasma. When one person donates blood, it has the potential to save or improve the lives of up to three people, meaning that the number of donations pledged through the Sports Union Challenge could impact upwards of 800 people.

The charity hopes that the uptake of this campaign can inspire a new team of GB4G advocates to carry forward their mission on the University campus.