University of East Anglia, UK announces new scholarships for India

New Delhi: The University of East Anglia (UEA), one of the UK’s top 25 universities, has announced six new scholarships for India, offered by various departments at the university. The sponsorships will be provided to students applying to Masters courses in the academic year 2022-2023.

UEA India Award: The UEA India award is available to Indian students applying for post-graduate studies at the UEA. This scholarship worth £4,000 will be automatically awarded to those meeting the entry criteria.

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International Development: In the year 2021, UEA’s School of International Development ranked amongst the top-10 institutions in the world for development studies. Scholarships for this programme require students to have both, the theoretical and practical skills necessary to create a change in the world. The university is offering scholarships up to £8,000 tuition fee reduction for the masters applicants from India. A total of 3 seats are available under this programme.

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The School of International Development: UEA School of International Development is also offering full fees scholarships, where the university is providing financial assistance equal to the full amount of International fees for students taking any of the school of Development full-time Masters courses. This scholarship grant covers tuition fees up to the value, of £18,500 for 3 individuals globally and will not be combined with any other scholarship made available by UEA.

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Economics: MSc Applied Training Scholarships: The school of Economics is offering the Economics: MSc Applied Training Scholarships worth up to the value of £5,000 to the best applicant from Africa, Asia, South and Central America applying for one of the MSc Applied Training programs. Focused on the practical side of Economics, this program is for those who aspire to build careers in banking, finance, management, international business, and global media organizations.

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Economics: MSc Academic and Professional Scholarships (International): The School of Economics is offering competitive scholarship equal to full international fees (£19,000) and 50% of international fees (£9,500) to students taking any of the MSc Academic and Professional programs like MSc Economics, MSc Finance and Economics, MSc Behavioural and Experimental Economics, MSc Competition Economics and Policy. This program is suitable for those who seek advanced training in economics and wish to pursue an academic career.

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UEA Law School: Country Specific Academic Excellence Scholarships: At the UEA school of law, students get access to diverse learning experiences and are taught by international experts and top faculty. UEA is offering two competitive scholarships equal to £8,000 tuition fee reduction for LLM applicants from each of the following countries: India, Nigeria, Turkey, and Vietnam for a total of 8 graduates. This scholarship cannot be combined with any other scholarship made available through the UEA International Office Scholarship program or from UEA Law School.

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The deadline for the above-mentioned scholarships is 31st May 2022

Early application is encouraged, and students can explore all of UEA scholarships via the scholarship finder page at

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