University of Edinburgh: Climate crisis focus of NASA chief’s visit

The former astronaut and US Senator – who was appointed as NASA Administrator on behalf of President Joe Biden’s administration – toured the robotics and data labs of the University’s Bayes Centre, where he met the only NASA-built humanoid robot outside the US, known as Valkyrie.

Research excellence
During the visit, experts from the University’s Edinburgh Earth Initiative highlighted how their work is supporting the translation of space research excellence in to managing and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Academics from the Space Innovation Hub discussed their world-class research in data, astronomy and earth observation as part of their ambition to support Edinburgh in becoming the space capital of Europe.

Students from the University’s Endeavour Rocket Society shared their work to challenge the stasis in British rocketry development and to provide applied experience in aeronautics and space technologies.

Next generation
The climate crisis affects all of us — it’s all hands on deck. It was an honour to visit Edinburgh University, where scientists are leading efforts to make Scotland climate neutral and working with NASA to develop innovative climate solutions. It was also a pleasure to meet with students working on robotics, science, and rocketry. They’re members of the Artemis Generation and I can’t wait to see all that they accomplish.

US Senator Bill Nelson
NASA Administrator
Strengthening links
Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University Professor Peter Mathieson hosted the visit.

It has been a privilege to welcome Administrator Nelson to the University and hear his valuable insights. The University has close links with NASA – holding the only NASA-built humanoid robot outside North America. This combined with our world-leading expertise, and the developments we are making in space sector technologies and climate science, means that my University colleagues have a crucial role to play in space exploration and also in the global fight against climate change. Senator Nelson’s visit has further cemented our relationship and will spark new ties to continue this important mission.

Professor Peter Mathieson
Principal and Vice Chancellor