University of Exeter: Exeter conducts crucial testing for next generation of sub-sea cable protection

Swedish company Greenpipe Group has recently completed a test programme on their range of Snap Panzar sea cable protection products at the University’s Dynamic Marine component test facility (DMaC), based at the Penryn Campus in Cornwall.

The products are designed to ‘snap’ around existing underwater cables that are showing signs of wear and tear through time, to help preserve their lifetime and prevent the need for replacement.

During the testing, the products were placed under varying degrees of tension and bending, to help identify any potential weak spots. The work allowed the company to strengthen the products in those areas that were pinpointed by the testing.

The test program was funded by EU Horizon 2020 MaRINET2 programme, grant number 731084, providing free access to research infrastructures to developers of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) systems.

Dr Pete Halswell, from Exeter’s Renewable Energy department and part of the research team said: “This research has allowed the Greenpipe Group to develop their product from a shore based solution to an offshore solution to cable protection, which is essential for reliable offshore renewable energy generation.”

“We are grateful for this opportunity granted by MaRINET2 and the collaboration with DMaC. Thanks to this opportunity we are able to further develop Snap Panzar and future products of our sub-sea cable protection segment.” says Stefan Svensson, CEO Greenpipe Group.

The first of its kind in the world, the Dynamic Marine Component Test Facility (DMAC) was launched in 2010 to support the Peninsula Research Institute for Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMaRE) team in conducting research into the feasibility of marine renewable energy in the South West.

DMaC allows technology developers to identify potential engineering problems and refine their designs more specifically and quicker than has been possible so far.

Greenpipe Group is the leading Swedish divisible cable protection manufacturer providing high quality products to infrastructure project for the past 20 years. Thanks to the use of recycled plastic, contributing to less environmental impact and a more sustainable construction. Read more at

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